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Study Materials- Code of Civil Procedure 1908


1. Doctrine of Res Judicata (By Ms. Nisha Devi on 22.08.2023)

2. Notice under section 80 CPC (By Ms. Chairb Batra on 22.08.2023)

3. Order 10 RULE 2 CPC (By Ms. Kalpana on 22.08.2023)

4. Order 22 CPC- Death, Marriage and Insolvency of Parties (By Ms. Meenakshi Sharma on 22.08.2023)

5. Order XII – Rule-6, Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (By Ms. Urvashi Rawat on 22.08.2023)

6. Rejection of Plaint (By Ms. Shivani Nahar on 22.08.2023)

7. Section 10, Code of Civil Proceedure(Res Subjudice) (By Mr. Vivek Singh Rana on 22.08.2023) 

8. Settlement of issues (By Mr. Shailender Yadav on 22.08.2023)

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