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Study Materials- Criminal Procedure Code 1973


1. Committal Proceedings (by Mr. Manoj Kumar Dwidedi on 12.09.2023)

2. Default Bail (by Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Pandey on 12.09.2023)

3. Inquiry and Investigation Under Section 202 of CrPC (by Mr. Dayaram on 12.09.2023)

4. Interim Bail (by Mr. Ramesh Singh on 12.09.2023)

5. Police Custody Remand & Transit Remand (by Ms. Gunjan Singh on 12.09.2023)

6. Production (B) Warrant (by Mr. Mithilesh Pandey on 12.09.2023)

7. Recovery of fine (by Ms. Niharika Mittal Gupta on 12.09.2023)

8. Remand Work on Holidays (by Mr. Mohd. Yusuf on 12.09.2023) 

9. Commital proceedings (by Mr. Vinod Kumar Burman on 12.03.2024) 

10. Default Bail (By Ms. Niharrika Mittal Gupta on 12.03.2024) 

11. Evidentiary Value of Statement under Section 161 and 162 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (By Ms. Tricha Rawat on 12.03.2024)

12. Inquiry and Inspection Under Section 202 CrPC (By Mr. Ravi Shankar Mishra on 12.03.2024) 

13. Interim Bail (By Mr. Arun Vohra on 12.03.2024) 

14. Non Disclosure of Identity of Victims (By Mr. Sanjeev Kumar on 12.03.2024) 

15. Police Custody Remand Transit Remand (on 12.03.2024)

16. Procedure Under Section 325 of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (By Ms. Durga Sharma on 12.03.2024) 

17. Production (B) Warrant (By Mr. Sachin Kumar on 12.03.2024)

18. Recovery of fine (By Mr. Sanjay Singh on 12.03.2024) 

19. Section 306 CrPC Tender of Pardon to accomplice (By Mr. Daya Ram on 12.03.2024) 

20. Section 340 in The Code of Criminal Procedure (By Ms. Anamika Singh on 12.03.2024)

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