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Vol 4 Iss 2




Hon'ble Justice Mr. U. C. Dhyani

1. Government cases: The speed breakers on the road to success 

Vivek B. Sharma

2. Electronic evidence - Key components

Subir Kumar

3. Legal spirituality

Manoj Garbyal

4. Order IX rule 11, CPC 1908: The forgotten provision

Dharmendra Singh Adhikari

5. Escalation of prices- Impact on agreement to sell and damages

Vibha Yadav

6. Balancing constitutional pillars

Shama Nargis

7. Declaratory decree under the Specific Relief Act, 1963

Alok Ram Tripathi, MithileshPandey, Ravindra Dev Mishra

8. Sanction for prosecution of public servant

Ravi Ranjan, Shama Parveen ,Abhay Singh

9. Hostile Witness

Sachin Kumar

10. Rent Control Legslations- The Paradigm Shift

Meenakshi Sharma

11. Victim Compensation Scheme-Shortcomings & Recommendations

Bharti Manglani

12. Default Bail and Charge-sheet

Parul Thapaliyal

13. Vidyarthi se Nyayadhish ki Our (Hindi)

Krishtika Gunjyal

14. Protection of Children fromSexual Offences Act in IndiaAppropriate procedure for remand of accused under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act in India

Rakesh Kumar Singh

15. Recent trends and challenges in admissibility of electronic evidence

Prem Pratap Singh Chauhan

16.Secularism vis-a-vis uniform civil code with reference to triple talaq

Praveen Pratap Singh Tomar

17.Nature as a legal person-Recent judicial developments

Pramod Kumar Kushwaha

Highcourt Judgment Information System

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