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Volume 3 Issue 1



1. Governance and citizenship

 R Venkataramani

2. The dilemma of court fees in suits for cancellation or adjudication void instruments and decrees

Ambika Pant

3. The central university act, 2009 and private educational institute

Rakesh Kumar Singh

4. Declaration of Civil Death

Anirudh Bhatt

5. The wife of a Judge

Vibha Yadav

6 The transition from a student to a judge

Beenu Gulyani and Anamika

7 A healthy mind in a healthy body

Alok Ram Tripathi and Nadeem Ahmed

8 Clinical research law and, ethics and techno- science

Dr Lily Srivastava

9  Comparative analysis fo right to education across the world

Ketki Tara Kumaiyan

10 Emerging need for a new right to property

Deepakshi Joshi Bisht

11 Applicability of” Doctrine of frustration in relation to lease”

Ankit Kumar 

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