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Vol 3 Iss 2



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 Editorial - Hon’ble Judge U.C. Dhyani iii-viii

UJALA : A Profile ix - xiii


1. Criminological Explanations of Sex Crimes 1

Professor B.B. Pande

2. Sentencing Policy and Victims’s Plight 8

Alok Kumar Verma

3. Women & Law of Land 14

Ritesh Kumar Srivastava

4. Quality of Life in Geriatric Population in India 22

Dr. Lily Srivastava

5. A Relook on Concept of Possession 29

Meenal chawla & Ashutosh Tiwari

6. Medical Negligence and compensation in India : An Overview 36

Alok Ram Tripathi, Mithilesh Pandey & Mamata Pant

7. Custody of Minors 43

Anamika Singh, Beenu Gulyani, dharmendra Shah &

Kapil Tyagi

8. Bail Jurisprudence in India 50

Ravi Ranjan & Abhay Singh

9. Workplace Sexual Harassment : A Curse for Women 57

Samia Khan

10. Investigation of Offences Relating to Human Body 68

Hakim Rai

11. Six Stories 74


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