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Journal Vol 2 Iss 1




Hon’ble the Chief Justice, High Court of Uttarakhand

Message - Hon’ble Judge V. K. Bist 

Message - Hon’ble Judge Sudhanshu Dhulia 

Editorial - Hon’ble Judge U.C. Dhyani 



1. Bottlenecks in Civil Justice Administration before the Courts and the Remedies Thereof; A Research Paper 

Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Sharma & Master Pranav Vashishta

2. Departmental Inquiry and condition of grant of Pension under Article 351-A of Civil Service Regulations 

Alok Kumar Verma

3. Admissibility of Genetic Evidence in Indian Courts 

Deepali Sharma

4. Jurisdiction of Civil Court 

Pradeep Kumar Mani

5. Right to Peace as a Human Right 

Rakesh Kumar Singh

6. Relationship in Nature of Marriage 

Nazish Kaleem et al.

7. Judicial Discretion 

Rashmi Goyal et al.

8. Reasons of Death in Police Custody 

Hakim Rai

9. Procedure Established by Law vis-a-vis due process :An Overview of right to Personal Liberty in India 

Dr. K. S. Rathore

10. Prison Laws in India : A Socio-Legal Study 

Mudasir A. Bhat

11. Enrocement of Judicial Decisions : A Critique 

Danish Hasnain

12. Mahila Suraksha- Shaurya Abhiyan: Ek pehal

Vimmi Sachdeva Ramn

13. Pukar 

Rajni Shukla

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