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Journal Vol1 Iss1



 ISSN: 2322-0333

Message Hon’ble Chief Justice

Message Hon’ble Judge Prafulla C. Pant

Editorial Hon’ble Judge U.C. Dhyani

UJALA : A Profile


1. Judicial Behavior and Conduct in the Present Scenario

Hon’ble Mr. Justice V. K. Bist

2. Role of Courts in the Administration of Criminal Justice

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sudhansu Dhulia

3. Cyber Space and Jurisdictional Concerns

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Surya Kant

4. Cultural Crimes : The Law as it is and the Law it Ought to be

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sarvesh Kumar Gupta

5. Preparatory Legal Aspects of Criminal Trial

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Irshan Hussain (Retd.)

6. Rights of Transsexual Genders, The New Emerging Field of Law : A Research Paper

Gyanendra Kumar Sharma

7. Settlement of Hindu Divorce Petition by Compromise :Need of an Amendment

Pradeep Pant

8. Harmony among three wings of the Government - In the Public Interest

Anuj Kumar Sangal

9. Suit Evaluation for the Purpose of Court Fees in a Suit for Possession of Land : A Research Paper

Ambika Pant

10. Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act : A Procedural Aspect

Pratibha Tiwari

11. UJALA : A Tribute (Hindi and as translated in English)

Rajni Shukla

(Original ) Hindi version

12. Saw As I in Nainital : A Poem (Hindi and as translated in English)

Iram Hasan

(Original ) Hindi version

13. Remedy Against Summoning Order Under Section 204 Code of Criminal Procedure

Anirudha Bhatt

14. Making of a Judge

Madan Ram

15. Good Governance : Avenue to a Fair Legal System

Ritika Semwal

16. Marital Rape

Vibha Yadav

17. Cyber Stalking

Shachi Sharma

18. Sex Trafficking and use of Children for Prostitution

Shweta Rana Chauhan

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