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PageUJALA : A Profile i - v

Editorial by Editor-in-Chief Hon'ble Mr Justice Sharad Sharma ix-x


1. Kill the fear before fear kills the work culture in the Judicial Administration at its threshold in India 1-14
Dr. Gyanendra Kumar & Prinita Vashishtha

2. Remedy against Acquittal under Section 138 Negotiable Instrument Act 15-21
Ajay Chaudhary

3. Political Morality within the Bounds of an Evolving Law 22-26
Mahesh Chandra Kaushiwa

4. Prison System in INdia dna Protection of Human Rights of Prisoners 27-65
Ritesh Kumar Srivastava

5. The Problem of Drug A buse and NDPs Act 1985 : An Overview (with special Reference to Procedural Aspects) 66-82
Harsh Yadav

6. Domistic Violence Law : Overview and Implementation 83-96
Beenu Gulyani, Anmakia Singh & Kapil Tyagi

7. Lok Adalats : An Alternative mode of Dispute Resolution outside the Established Court System, A View 97-101
Shikha Bhandari

8. Role of Indian Judiciary in Protection of Environment In India 102-106
Rohit Joshi

9. Shield Laws in India 107-115
Neelabh Kumar Bist

10. Decriminalization of Attempty to Suicide : A New Approach 116-129
Hakim Rai

11. Right to Information on the Internet 130-142
Pooja Tiwari & Devika Tiwari

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