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The need of training in judiciary was being felt for long time. In the initial years of judicial history, there was no such proposal. Initially the institution itself was averse to the idea of acknowledging the need of training. It was felt that the subordinate judges had the background of legal knowledge which could be applied by them successfully as the Presiding Officers of the Courts. However demanding work conditions seeded the realization that training was important for judges and gradually the need for training to judges gained momentum. The Law Commission of India also pitched in favour of the training for judges and a need was felt for establishing training institutes to impart training to the Judges. Training for the judges received legal recognition for the first time in the year 1992, when the Apex Court asked the States to establish their own judicial training academies. Consequently, the Judicial Training and Research Institute at Lucknow was established by the State of Uttar Pradesh of which the present State of Uttarakhand was a part till November 9, 2000.

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